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Wakit Electric Grinder

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Level up your game and save yourself time with Wakit

With one to two quick short taps, you’ll have ground herb in seconds with very little effort. This grinder features a lithium-ion battery that is easily recharged with the included micro USB cable. 

The Wakit Grinder is the perfect grinder for those living with conditions affecting hand coordination. Using the Wakit Grinder is not only a time-saver, but it’s also pretty fun to use!

• Place your hand on the Wakit Cap and use a quick short tap for a coarse consistency, like it finer? Add another quick short tap, the more you tap it the finer the consistency.
• A single beaded chain is connected to a touch-activated drone motor. The chain spins creating a vortex shaving the herb from the thick stems creating a perfect texture.
• Powered by a lithium battery the Wakit Grinder comes with a Micro-USB charging cable. An indicator light lets you know when Wakit is fully charged.