Lookah - Seahorse Pro Glass Bubbler

Lookah - Seahorse Pro Glass Bubbler
Lookah - Seahorse Pro Glass Bubbler

Lookah - Seahorse Pro Glass Bubbler

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Glass Bubbler for the Lookah Seahorse Pro and Seahorse Pro Plus Dab Pen.

This glass bubbler is specifically designed for the Lookah Seahorse Pro and Pro Plus vape pens.  It will not fit other Lookah vape devices or dab pens.

If you want to enjoy cool rips from the Seahorse Pro Plus or Seahorse Pro then this is the accessory for you. This sleek glass bubbler slides into the Seahorse Pro Plus, replacing the glass mouthpiece the device comes with. 
Add a small measure of water (just above the percolation holes) and enjoy massive water-filtered rips. It will effectively turn your dab pen into a portable dab rig, making the Lookah Pro Plus one of the smallest and most portable water-filtered dab pens available to date. 

How to Use
Remove the silicone stopper of the seahorse pro bubbler.
Pour about 2ml of water into the top of the bubbler until it just covers the percolator holes. Use a pipette or oral syringe if needed.
Replace the silicone stopper to prevent splashback. 

While in use, keep the seahorse pro/pro plus with bubbler upright to prevent water from spilling out. 
After using it, remove the stopper and pour out the water. 

This glass bubbler can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Add the salt and alcohol to the glass. Be sure to cover the holes on the base and top of the bubbler. Shake well for a few minutes to remove any dirt or residue. After, rinse thoroughly to ensure no salt or alcohol remains on the glass. 

Kit Comes With
1 x Glass Bubbler

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