Pulsar - DL 2.0 PRO Grateful Dead Edition

Pulsar - DL 2.0 PRO Grateful Dead Edition
Pulsar - DL 2.0 PRO Grateful Dead Edition

Pulsar - DL 2.0 PRO Grateful Dead Edition

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Limited Edition Grateful Dead DL 2.0 Pro Cart Battery
We've kept the minimalist exterior and pocket-sized profile of this fan-favorite vaporizer, so you can take it virtually anywhere for quick puffs on the go.

Enjoy the comfort of the new silicone mouthpiece, which is heat resistant and optimized for traveling. The auto-draw functionality is designed to mimic a bar-style disposable vape, preventing suspicion in public while you take a toke! Activating the unit and cycling through voltage settings can be done simply by a quick sequence of pulls from the device. Alternately, a tactile button is located on the bottom of the device if you prefer to control the vape manually instead.

The Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 PRO has an even larger battery capacity of 1000mAh. It is programmed with 5 voltage settings. Lower temperatures also help maintain the integrity of your cartridge and preserve those precious terpenes over time. A new 15 second pre-heat function allows you to prime cartridges before inhaling, which is essential for preventing clogs to keep the hits coming smoothly.

View this device's battery life and selected voltage setting on the side digital display, and the additional puff counter makes regular dosing easy to keep track of. Restarting the puff counter to ensure the proper dosage each sesh is easy; just press the button quickly twice and on the third, press and hold until reset is complete. An LED light ring around the base will light up according to the color-coded voltage settings for instant visual heating confirmation. Once this unit is charged up, just screw in your 510 threaded cartridge of choice, attach the magnetic base, and you're ready to get lifted!

This unit has a built-in safety feature that shuts off the heat (but not the power) after 10 seconds of use to avoid overheating; it will only power off with the automatic short circuit protection.

*Cartridge Note: Maximum cartridge size is 2.36 inches length, 0.57 inches diameter (60mm x 14.5mm)
*Charger not included

1x Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 PRO Battery
1x Bottom magnetic connector

1000mAh battery capacity
Five voltage settings (2.4-3.8V)
15 second pre-heating function (1.8V)
Auto-draw cartridge vaporizer
Tactile button feature
Compact and discreet bar-style body
Silicone mouthpiece
Universal 510 threading
Digital display
Haptic feedback
USB-C charging (charger sold separately)
Auto standby mode after 10 seconds of use
Short-circuit protection

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