Gold Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber

Gold Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber
Gold Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber
Gold Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber

Gold Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber

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78% larger bowl. 2x more vapor. Rip harder with less reclaim. The XL Joystick Cap. XL Vapor Mode via Puffco Connect. The limited edition Peak Pro 3DXL Gold unlocks all the incredible flavor, performance, and features expected from a 3DXL Chamber. With one huge difference. The 3DXL Gold — is gold. 

Big clouds, bigger statement.

What’s included:
- Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber.
- XL Joystick Cap.

Peak Pro not included
Requires updated firmware
Compatible with all Peak Pro models
XL Joystick Cap only compatible with 3DXL Chamber

Bigger Dabs: Bigger bowl, bigger dabs. The Peak Pro 3DXL delivers dabs so big you might need a little help from your friends.

Bigger Clouds: Welcome to cloud city. The Peak Pro 3DXL generates more vapor than anything we've ever released. That's twice as much vapor as our standard 3D Chamber - and all of the flavor

Hit as hard as you want: Forget 'sip it to rip it' - larger chamber size and improved airflow means you can rip the Peak Pro 3DXL as hard as you want. In fact, we encourage it.

More Control: The Peak Pro 3DXL gives you even more precision with the XL Joystick Cap and an exclusive “XL” Vapor Control setting in the Puffco Connect app. As if we didn’t already give you enough options.

Less Spillover: The Peak Pro 3DXL's deeper chamber means less reclaim in your airpath. Which means less maintenance. Which means less time cleaning, and more time dabbing.

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