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Kilby Glass - Dabbulb 2.0 with Digi Controller

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Kilby Glass created a bulb that looks as amazing as it functions. Opinions and tastes vary, this is a big range in which to find your personal preference. Experiment with long slow draws at lower temperatures, fast heavy draws at high temperatures, and also drop in a glob, waiting a few seconds, then draw.

For low temp dabbing: Drop your dab in, let it melt for a second, suck really hard for a second to spread the dab across as much of the coil as possible then carb cap and/or just draw really slowly. 

To clean: Run the unit at a higher but safe temp (under 750°F) to burn off residue. It is important to keep air flowing through the bulb as you burn it clean. Set it on a dry rig or a bubbler without any water in it and periodically blow through the bulb during cleaning to keep air moving.


• All-glass interior for durability
• Upgraded chang in the coil profile for better oil flow
• Old school glass insulator inspired handle
• Cloth wrapped cord
• Best in the 350°F to 500°F range (never exceed 750°F)

Never put water down the glass coil of your bulb. Don’t submerge or wet the outside other than to wipe with a damp cloth when the unit is totally cool.  One drop of water going down a hot coil can crack it. If you do get water down the coil you should set it at 150°F and let it dry completely before bringing it back up to higher temperatures.