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Fade Space - V2 Silicon Carbide Banger Insert

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Silicon Carbide offers an unmatched performance in advanced vaporization surfaces, created to outshine in flavor and efficiency. The flavor and decarboxylation experienced on SiC is substantially greater than that of less robust hard surfaces. SiC will never shock or degrade through normal use, and will last indefinitely with proper care; Making it easy to clean and hard to break. Non-toxic!

• Significant Diamond Polishing & Grinding
• Additional Mass for Banger Inserts
• Thermal Conductivity of 120 W/mK, 80 times greater than fused Quartz
• Melting point of over 5,000°F
• Thermal shock resistant - will never break from normal use
• Easiest cleaning of any surface - Physically impossible to chazz
• US Pharmacopoeia Certified / FDA Recognized Medical Grade Material
• Designed in Massachusetts and Manufactured in USA by Fade Space