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Sarcastic Fringehead – Sea Dragons

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Invest in your mental health. Enjoy the tangy bite of pineapple, fresh creaminess of coconut milk, and a healthy splash of rum all poured into a blender and liquefied by [insert your idea of an attractive guy/gal here] on a sunny beach while you nod along to a steel drum band. Okay, that last bit is a lie. We dont actually operate at the beach. We tried once, but too much sand got in the juice. Grab a bottle of Sea Dragons and kick back with the flavors of a perfect pina colada, without the need for a designated driver. Winner of a Spinfuel Choice award!

Organic – USP grade organic vegetable glycerin, USP grade organic nicotine (suspended in VG) and organic flavors (extracted with organic ethyl alcohol) that are vegan, gluten free, kosher and free from all major allergens.


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