Hyer - Big E Portable Rig E-Nail Adapter Kit

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The Big-E™ adaptor kit replaces the torch that has long dictated how one would use aromatic extracts with something much more versatile and less worrisome.

Takes 90 seconds to heat up from room temp, once there it retains the heat. Great for low temps paired with the carb cap. 

Now you can travel around your house (or backyard, beach, or party) without being tethered to a wall. So let it rip on the move.

Packed with 48W of portable power, enjoy up to 25 sessions or 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Big-E™, with its elastomeric traction, holds your Glass securely. But if Big-E™ happens to be knocked over, a sensor detects this occurrence and disables heating of the quartz glass to keep the environment safe.

• No combustion
• Quartz Glass
• Fits 90% of flat base glass
• Torchless
• Safety turn-off feature
• Elastomeric traction grips for super stability
• Adjustable temp control
• Easy come apart for cleaning & Cleaning mode
• Built-in stash drawer